[Huai 'an | Jincheng invites you to attend the 12th Recycled Polyester (and 2024 Polyester Staple Fiber) industry Chain Conference]
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Summer in June, the lotus pond green. From June 27 to 28, the 12th Recycled polyester (and 2024 polyester staple fiber) industry chain development Conference will be held in Huaian, Jiangsu. Take this opportunity, Jiangsu Jincheng Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. will appear at the A12 booth, sincerely invite industry colleagues and partners to meet in Huai 'an in summer, to discuss the industry trend and explore the opportunity for cooperation!

The 12th Recycled polyester (and 2024 Polyester staple fiber) industry chain development Conference has been deeply cultivated for 12 years, which is a highly influential industry event in the industry, and also a high-end exchange platform for the polyester industry to build a bridge for win-win cooperation for the industry.

Hosted by Zhejiang Huarui Information Co., LTD., "the 12th Recycled Polyester (and 2024 Polyester staple fiber) industry chain Development Conference", invited well-known experts in the industry, industry elites, enterprise representatives, in view of the 2024 polyester raw material market development trend, The development of chemical recycling technology of waste textiles at home and abroad, the development and prospect of recycled hollow polyester staple fiber and other hot topics in the recycling industry are exchanged and discussed, and the current difficulties are faced and the future of regeneration is sought.

Meeting matters

Check-in time: June 27, 2024 afternoon

Meeting time: All day June 28, 2024

Address: Jinhu Mingfa Hotel, Huai 'an City, Jiangsu Province (No. 298, West Huaihe Road, Jinhu County, Huai 'an City, Jiangsu Province)

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