[Summer is coming, the air conditioning of the textile industry is ready to be cleaned]
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In hot summer, textile industry air conditioning is used more frequently in the textile industry, hot workshop, textile industry air conditioning can better cool the workshop, so that textile workers have a comfortable working environment. Textile industry air conditioning plays the most important role, before the coming of summer, have you done a good job cleaning the textile industry air conditioning?

The cleaning of extile industry air conditioning is an important measure to ensure its efficient operation and provide a good indoor environment. With the right cleaning method and the right cleaning frequency, dirt and bacteria can be effectively removed, equipment life can be extended, air conditioning performance can be improved, and the health of employees and the safety of the production environment can be ensured. Regular cleaning of industrial air conditioners is a key step to maintain equipment and improve work efficiency, which is worth attention and implementation.

How to clean extile industry air conditioning

1, before cleaning, it is necessary to turn off the total power supply of the textile industry air conditioner, and use a wet cloth or cleaning brush to remove dust and stains on the external surface of the air conditioner. Avoid using too much water or spraying water directly to prevent equipment damage.

2, cleaning filter: filter is the most easy to accumulate dust and dirt parts of industrial textile air conditioning.

Depending on the type of air conditioner, the filter can be removed and washed with water or a mild cleaner. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before returning to the air conditioner.

3, condensation tray cleaning: condensation tray is easy to breed bacteria and mold area.

Remove the condensate tray and clean it with an appropriate disinfectant. Ensure that the bottom of the tray is free of debris and water to prevent bacterial growth.

4, pipe and condenser cleaning: if necessary, you can ask professional maintenance personnel to clean the pipe and condenser.

These parts may have large dirt and clogs that need to be treated with special tools and cleaning agents.

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