[Jincheng textile industry air conditioning, specially for textile factories]
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Jiangsu Jincheng Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd.  is a professional manufacturer engaged in the design, production, installation and commissioning of air conditioning equipment in chemical fiber, real estate, textile, electronics, medicine, film, clean room and other industries. Main industrial air conditioning, textile industrial air conditioning equipment production, for the textile factory workshop air conditioning engineering to provide professional design.

In general, textile factories have some machines and equipment that need to be cooled, especially in the very hot summer. The heat generated by these textile machines is too high, and ordinary household air conditioners or central air conditioners are not enough to play a cooling role in a short time. Therefore, in order to prevent these large equipment from generating relatively large heat, thus destroying the operation of the machine, industrial air conditioning is needed to improve its cooling efficiency.

Of course, these large equipment not only need to have a good cooling effect, but also need to generate a lot of heat when the equipment is running, which has a particularly large impact on the human body. Therefore, the textile industrial air conditioning installed in the textile factory can not only help the machinery and equipment to cool down well, but also give the workers in the hot working environment a comfortable working environment!

Industrial air conditioning, chemical fiber industrial air conditioningchemical fiber industry refrigeration ,textile industrial air conditioning dust-free workshop coolingventilation pipeline, cooling tower, freezer and other air conditioning units and accessories.

Jiangsu Jincheng Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive manufacturer of special air-conditioning equipment design, production, installation, and commissioning of clean room, electricity, tobacco, civil air defense engineering, medical clean room, clean room, electricity, tobacco, civil air defense engineering, medical clean room. Mainly produce JCZK combined air conditioning unit, cooling tower, glass steel ventilated galvanized sheet pipe, stainless steel pipe, polyurethane ventilation pipe and air conditioning accessories, Jincheng air conditioner is wide, the type, the unique model, superior performance, and user Favused.

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