[May Day | Jincheng air conditioning orders busy, busy production, busy delivery! Pay tribute to workers, happy holidays!]
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Busy production before Labor Day, busy delivery in spring

The warm spring breeze is touching the face, and the spring day is forging ahead at that time. Approaching May Day, many companies have slowed down their pace and are ready to meet the long-awaited small holiday, but the production workshop of Jiangsu Jincheng Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. ushered in another scene.


The shipment is in full swing

The workshop is full of busy workers, and the trucks entering and leaving the factory are lined up again, and the hot delivery site is the true portrayal of Jincheng air conditioning Company.




At the loading site in the factory, the master who drives the forklift shuttles in all corners of the warehouse and the factory. Our workers cooperate with each other and work together to load, and put the tightly packed air conditioning equipment neatly to ensure that the equipment is not bumped during long-distance transportation and is delivered to the customer in good condition.

Forklift operator loading



A neatly coded device



In order to ensure the delivery of industrial air conditioning equipment as soon as possible, the employees of Jincheng company focus on production, take the development of the company as their own responsibility, stick to their posts, deliver on time, and efficiently send our equipment to the production site of domestic and foreign customers. Every link embodies the efforts of Jin adults, and every drop of sweat is worthy of the trust and expectation of customers.

The workers were busy loading



Ready to go to the customer site




In the tense and busy days leading up to Labor Day, our workers quietly pay with their hard working hands and contribute to the development of the company. Their hard work is the ladder of progress, and their efforts are the driving force for the rapid development of the company.

Here, to the long-term selfless dedication of Jin adults to pay high respect! At the same time, I wish all workers a happy holiday! May all the hard work have a harvest, may all the hard work have a return!

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