[What are the requirements for installing air conditioning in textile industry?]
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What are the requirements for installing air conditioning in textile industry?

1. Reasonable design and arrangement of air conditioning equipment system in textile factory

After determining the type of air conditioner, power and air supply, the design and layout of the air conditioning system will determine the level of energy consumption. The location of the air conditioning room should be selected to shorten the length of the return air duct as much as possible. And use the same section (the wind speed at the entrance of the return air chamber is 8-10 m/s) to design the air duct according to the economic wind speed (the wind speed at the entrance of the air supply tube is 7 m/s) The design of the air supply system and the reasonable setting of the air speed provide the possibility to improve the effective utilization efficiency of the air conditioner shower room.

2. Reasonable selection of air conditioning equipment for textile mills

Conventional air-conditioned rooms use ordinary axial fans to provide air and rely primarily on a spray system to achieve humidification. The humidification function of the new air conditioning room is realized under the full function air conditioning system. In the deployment of full-function air conditioning system, the spray axial flow fan can not only meet the requirements of air supply, but also has the function of humidification. The two cooperate with each other to realize the three seasons of spring, autumn and winter without spraying water. Compared with the traditional air-conditioned room, it can save 20-40% energy. In the summer, using cold water with low humidity or installing a bank of sprayers can save 10-15% of energy. The average annual energy saving can reach about 30%.

It is understood that in the spinning workshop of a textile enterprise in Shandong, the air conditioning room system is equipped with a full-function air conditioning system, and is equipped with XX spray axial flow fan. After putting into operation, the relative humidity of the workshop is about 70%, the temperature of the summer workshop is 26-28 ° C, and the temperature of the winter workshop is 23-25 ° C. After the renovation, it can save 20% energy per year compared with the traditional spray air conditioning system.

3. Select the air conditioner system

Instead, a new type of spray axial fan is used, which reduces or eliminates the spray system and greatly reduces the energy consumption of the air conditioning room. A spinning company with 200,000 ingots in Shandong province has 14 air conditioning systems in its workshop. The FZ axial fan in 5 sets of systems is reformed, and the SZ energy-saving axial fan is used. After the transformation, each fan can save an average of 6.31 kilowatts and 20.99% of electricity. Five air conditioning systems can save energy and save about 260,000 degrees.

Most spray rooms of textile air conditioning equipment use swirl nozzles. The water droplets sprayed by the nozzle have the characteristics of smaller water droplets, larger injection Angle and lower injection pressure. Therefore, when selecting the pump, the pump head should not be too high. Large 22-28 meters is a relatively reasonable range, try to avoid the phenomenon of large carts and small carts. By setting the reasonable length of the shower room, the heat exchange between the air and the atomized water curtain can be ensured, thus further improving the air conditioning capacity.

The return air filtration system can adopt disk filter or rotary cage filter according to the specific situation of the workshop, and can be reasonably set to the ground return air or side wall concentrated return air according to the needs of the workshop, or a combination of the two ways. Reasonable selection of return air filter equipment can help to save energy of air conditioning.

4. Operation and management of air conditioning system

Different production processes have different requirements for the temperature and humidity of the air conditioning system. As we all know, the installed capacity of the workshop and the temperature and humidity of the workshop are the two main bases for the design of textile air conditioning systems. Therefore, determining the appropriate temperature and humidity for process production requirements is critical to the configuration of the air supply for the air conditioning system. According to the different workshop types and production varieties, the reasonable setting of air supply volume and air conditioning temperature and humidity is not only conducive to improving product quality, but also has a positive effect on improving the efficiency of air conditioning.

In addition, the air supply volume of the textile industry air conditioner is determined according to the high temperature in summer. In other seasons, the air supply volume will be greater than the actual amount of air required, which puts new requirements on the operation of the fan. Due to the successful application of variable frequency motors in air conditioning systems, the operation of the fan can be continuously changed, and the return air of the fan can be adjusted at any time.

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