[Industrial air conditioning manufacturers introduce centrifugal compressors]
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Centrifugal compressor

Principle: When the compressor impeller rotates, the refrigerant steam enters the impeller flow path from the suction chamber through the inlet diversion blade, and the gas rotates with the impeller under the push of the blade. Due to the action of centrifugal force, the gas flows radially along the impeller runner and leaves the impeller. The single-stage compressor is mainly composed of an intake chamber, an impeller (working wheel), a spinner, a spiral chamber (volute) and a seal. For multistage compression, there are also parts such as bends and reflow.

Centrifugal compressor advantages:

1, centrifugal compressor gas volume, simple and compact structure, light weight, small unit size, small footprint, relative to the piston compressor, in the cooling capacity at the same time, the weight is lighter than the piston 5 ~ 8 times.

2, because it has no steam valve piston ring and other vulnerable parts, and no crank connecting rod mechanism, operation balance, reliable operation, high operating rate, less friction parts, so spare parts need less, maintenance costs and personnel less.

3, there is no friction between the working wheel and the housing, no need to lubricate. In the chemical process, the centrifugal compressor can achieve an absolutely oil-free compression process for the chemical medium.

4, centrifugal compressor is a rotary movement of the machine, it is suitable for industrial steam turbine or gas turbine direct drive. In general large-scale chemical plants, by-product steam is often used to drive industrial steam turbines, which provides the possibility for comprehensive utilization of heat energy.

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