[Which way is better, ground air supply and top air supply?]
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In the end, which method of ground air supply and top air supply will be better for the installation of fresh air system? Today we will analyze this problem from a scientific point of view. General fresh air installation methods are divided into ground send back, top send back, top send back. Let's break them down.

Analysis of air supply mode

1.1, First of all, we analyze from the air principle. Dirty air is generally more particles, carbon dioxide and so on, that is to say, the weight of dirty air must be heavier than fresh air, then affected by gravity, dirty air in the room is generally in the lower level of the air in the room.

So according to this situation, we use the installation method of sending the ground back, which can discharge the dirty air from the ground and send the fresh air to the top, which is the most logical approach, and the operating room of the hospital is also so, but we have to consider the actual situation. If the new air is not installed in this way, why is it not recommended? The reason is very simple, the home environment is complex, the dust and other small crumbs are more, and the exhaust outlet is placed on the ground, the pressure at the exhaust air outlet is generally small, so the crumbs are easy to enter the exhaust pipe. For a long time, it is easy to cause the accumulation of debris in the exhaust pipe and cannot be cleaned.

1.2, then the use of top send back fresh air installation method? Again, starting from the composition of the air, we just said that dirty air will be heavier than fresh air, so dirty air will be in the lower part of the house, and when the installation method is adopted, fresh air will first be on the top of the top air supply, because the weight of fresh air is lighter than dirty air, and the top air means that the air is discharged at the top. What air is expelled? It must be the top air, which means that the fresh air at the top is expelled.

Although the indoor air supply and return air outlets can be installed diagonally to produce a relative airflow principle, the fresh air is first covered with the top, so the exhaust air must be the top air first.

How to solve this problem? That is, the power of the supply air is higher than the power of the return air, so that the amount of air sent in is excess of the amount of air discharged. In this way, the fresh air will slowly fall into the dirty air, "dilute" the dirty air, and finally after a long time, the indoor air purification effect is achieved.

1.3, in addition, let's talk about the way to send the top back to this fresh air installation. In fact, I personally feel that this installation method is more reasonable, but the requirements for the fresh air motor are relatively high. Many brands on the market can not do the air supply, why many brands can not do the air supply? The reason is that the ground pipeline is flat, the pipeline is small, and the top air supply pipeline is much smaller, and the pipeline is small and long, resulting in very large resistance, especially the power of a brand of Japanese motor can not meet the requirements, resulting in insufficient power and small fresh air volume.

Finally, let's talk about the benefits and rationality of air supply. We all know that the dirty air is at the bottom of the room, so the fresh air comes in at the bottom, because the weight is lower than the dirty air, so the fresh air will float to the top, we first breathe the fresh air into the room, and at the same time "dilute" the dirty air. In this way, the dirty air can be diluted in a short time, and the installation method of sending the top back or the installation method of sending the top row well constitutes the three-dimensional diagonal air flow in the house, so that the indoor air is fully purified, and the dirty air can be discharged from the room in a short time.

So if your home is using a combination of air conditioning + floor heating, the local air supply is a more comfortable choice. If cooling and heating rely on air conditioning, we will choose a more economical model - top air supply.

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