[Advantages of industrial air conditioning]
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Industrial air conditioning refers to the air conditioning equipment that provides environmental temperature, humidity and cleanliness guarantee for the reliable operation of industrial product production process or industrial process equipment. Industrial air conditioning is different from home air conditioning or civil air conditioning in many ways. Industrial air conditioning belongs to the category of process air conditioning, and household air conditioning or civil air conditioning belongs to the category of comfort air conditioning. The design of industrial air conditioning is to ensure the process requirements as the main purpose, and the comfort of indoor personnel is secondary.

In terms of manufacturing process, industrial air conditioners generally use all-steel sheet metal structure plus panel electrostatic spraying paint treatment. It has high anti-corrosion durability. Industrial air conditioners must be tested before leaving the factory to ensure that they meet the design requirements. Shipped to the user side, but also through the installation, debugging and other processes, after the successful commissioning, the unit is officially put into operation.

The power consumption of industrial air conditioners is generally large, ranging from tens of kW to thousands of kW, generally using 3N~ 380V 50Hz power supply. Industrial air conditioners are generally designed to operate 24 hours a day and all year round, and their service life is more than 15 years. Therefore, the main components of industrial air conditioning such as compressors, condensers, throttling devices, evaporators, fans, motors, electrical components, etc., all use well-known brands with high performance and reliability.

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