[It is expected that the domestic kitchen air conditioning market will grow by more than 50% this year]
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Recently, GfK China and modern Appliances jointly released the "2023-2024 China Kitchen refrigeration Industry Development White Paper" (hereinafter referred to as the "white paper") shows that since 2022, China's kitchen air conditioning market has been booming, the scale continues to rise, and sales reached 87,000 units, an increase of 17.8%.

China's overall home appliance market has been popularized and entered a mature stage, and the penetration rate of many core categories has reached the top, and the market increment is particularly precious. In the kitchen use scenario, the scale of home appliances has peaked, and new categories have become a source of scale growth. With the outbreak of replacement demand, China's home air conditioning market has entered the era of quality, high quality, with healthy functions, in line with the trend of green and low-carbon is becoming an important reference indicator of "good air conditioning". Among the three major air conditioning tracks in the future, the product power of kitchen air conditioning has obvious advantages, and the future growth space is huge. Under the double drive of scene development and category popularization, China's kitchen refrigeration industry has become a new growth pole of the home appliance industry.

The white paper shows that the current consumer's curiosity and attention to kitchen air conditioning is increasing, but the understanding of kitchen air conditioning is relatively shallow, so it is the window dividend period of brand publicity. Specifically, users in third - and fourth-tier cities who enjoy a leisurely life prefer to understand kitchen air conditioning, and the central region is more interested in kitchen air conditioning, and male consumers aged 31 and above have become the main group.

Home appliance industry analyst Liang Zhenpeng told reporters that kitchen air conditioning, as a kitchen appliance or a subdivision of air conditioning products, is favored by some consumers. Due to its small market base, so the market growth is very fast, it is expected that the market sales of domestic kitchen air conditioners will reach more than 100,000 units this year, and the market growth rate will exceed 50%. "With the consumption of air conditioners and kitchen appliances showing a trend of personalization, differentiation, and integration of household appliances, kitchen air conditioners are favored by consumers because of their harmonious appearance and integration with cabinets and existing kitchen appliances." "Mr. Liang said.

Talking about the future development of kitchen air conditioning, Liang Zhenpeng said that there are still some technical pain points in kitchen air conditioning, such as drainage problems of condensing pipes and inconvenient installation of outdoor units. These technical problems are constantly being solved, product development is also maturing, improving, product styles are constantly innovating, and there is still a lot of room for development of kitchen air conditioning in the future.

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