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The meaning and main harm of high voltage alarm

The high pressure alarm of the central air conditioner compressor indicates that the pressure on the high pressure side of the system has exceeded the designed safety threshold. This alert is based on real-time monitoring of pressure sensors and is designed to prevent system damage due to excessive pressure. When the refrigerant cannot effectively release heat during the condensation process, the pressure will rise, triggering an alarm mechanism, and sometimes even automatic shutdown protection

Compressor overload and damage: The compressor, as the heart of the central air conditioning, undertakes the critical task of compressing the low-pressure gaseous refrigerant into the high-pressure gaseous phase. When the system high pressure alarm occurs frequently, it means that the compressor needs to work continuously at a pressure higher than the design standard. This will not only lead to an increase in compressor current, motor overheating, but also accelerate the wear of internal mechanical components, such as piston rings, bearings, etc., which can cause motor burn or mechanical failure in serious cases, requiring high maintenance costs, and even the need to replace the entire compressor unit.

Accelerated damage and aging of system components: Under high pressure, the pressure of pipes, valves, joints and other components in the refrigeration system exceeds the design limit. Long-term pressure will cause deformation of seals, fatigue and even rupture of pipelines, which will not only cause refrigerant leakage, but also pollute the surrounding environment and increase maintenance costs. In addition, the high temperature and high pressure environment will accelerate the aging of rubber and plastic parts and shorten the service life of the entire system.

Energy efficiency reduction and energy consumption increase: Air conditioning systems are designed to operate within a specific pressure range to achieve the best energy efficiency ratio. The high voltage alarm means that the system deviates from this optimal state, and the cooling (thermal) efficiency is significantly reduced. In order to maintain the set room temperature, the system has to consume more electricity, which directly leads to an increase in energy costs and violates the principle of energy conservation and emission reduction.

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