[Common alarm causes and treatment of air conditioning]
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Common alarm causes and treatment

1, compressor high pressure alarm

① High voltage switch failure or control interference leads to false alarm;

(2) There is more dust in air-cooled condenser, and the cooling capacity decreases;

③ The power supply of the air-cooled condenser fan is disconnected;

④ The governor of air-cooled condenser is open;

⑤ Abnormal temperature switch of air-cooled condenser;

⑥ Water cooling equipment condenser water flow loss or abnormal cooling water temperature;

⑦ Abnormal oil blockage or foreign body blockage in the exhaust pipe;

⑧ Refrigerant is overcharged.

2. The compressor low pressure alarm is generated

① Low voltage switch failure or control interference resulting in false alarms;

② Insufficient air volume due to the blockage of indoor filter;

③ The indoor main fan is faulty. Air volume decreased;

④ The temperature set point is wrong, and the return air temperature is too low;

⑤ The cold start delay setting is not enough, and it is difficult to start in winter;

⑥ Refrigerant is insufficient or refrigerant leaks.

3. The low humidity alarm is generated

① The low humidity alarm set point is incorrect.

② The machine room is poorly sealed and the door is opened frequently;

The humidifier water supply is blocked, the water pressure is too low, and the water is stopped.

(4) There is more scale in the humidifying tank;

⑤ The humidifying electrode has more scale.

4. The high temperature alarm is generated

① The high temperature alarm set point is incorrect.

② The base heat load is large or the door is opened frequently;

③ Other abnormal alarms cause the compressor to stop.

④ The chilled water flow of the chilled water device is lost or the chilled water temperature is abnormal.

5. The floor leakage alarm is generated

① The water leakage detection probe contacts the conductor;

② The drainage pipe is blocked, and water overflows from the humidifier water pan;

③ The drainage pipe is broken or leaked;

(4) Condensate dripping in abnormal parts of the equipment;

Other unusual ways of water flowing into the ground.

6. Air flow is lost

① Insufficient airflow detection thermistor and heating resistance is too close;

② The sampling pipe of the air pressure difference sensor is blocked or the position is offset;

③ The sensor board and the display control board are loosely connected;

④ power supply reverse phase;

⑤ indoor partial fault;

⑥ The filter is blocked.

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