[Why do textile factories choose to install textile industry air conditioning]
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With the hot weather, there are many machines in the textile factory workshop that will produce heat when they work, which will give the textile workers a stuffy sense of body and seriously affect the comfort of textile workers.

At this time, how should textile factories respond? As a professional production of textile industry air conditioning, industrial air conditioning, chemical fiber industrial air conditioning Jincheng company will give you a simple answer.

The installation of air conditioning in the textile industry can improve the high temperature, high temperature and the current situation, and can quickly convection and exchange gas, so that fresh air continues to flow into the room, creating a cool and comfortable working atmosphere. The workshop environment. Effectively improve the oil thermal environment of the plant. Let the textile mill quickly heat up within 32-45 minutes (32-45°C in high temperature environment), and the temperature should be maintained at 26-30°C.

The cooling, ventilation and air exchange effect of textile industry air conditioning can effectively solve 95%-99% of the high temperature, heat and pollution gas problems, and then textile workers work in a comfortable and clean environment, effectively improve work efficiency.

1. Meet the temperature and humidity conditions suitable for the fiber weaving production process;

2. Improve working conditions, protect the health of employees, and increase labor productivity.

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