[Ten years of stellar journey | Jincheng air conditioning 10th anniversary celebration came to a successful end!]
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Rich New Year goods rich New Year flavor


The rabbit goes to the moon, the dragon comes to the world, the Spring Festival is coming in 2024, in order to enhance the cohesion of the enterprise and the sense of belonging of employees, thank you for your hard work, Jiangsu Jincheng Air conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. selected to prepare the New Year benefits and lucky draw gifts.


Chinese New Year welfare payments


The heavy welfare not only brings the blessing of the New Year to everyone, but also brings full hope and energy to every employee. Each benefit carries the company's sincere blessings and gratitude to all employees, thank you for your hard work and dedication all the way! Wish the Jincheng family a happy New Year, happiness and health!

Jincheng air conditioning 10th anniversary celebration


On February 4, the 10th anniversary celebration of Jiangsu Jincheng Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. was successfully held. Jincheng partners and company employees participated in the event to learn the glory journey of Jincheng air conditioning for ten years.


The beginning of ten years, writing Hua Zhang; Ten years of sincere ambition, pursue the dream. Song Jinpu, general manager of Jiangsu Jincheng Air Conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. delivered a speech at the ceremony: Bearing passion and joy, with expectations and prospects, Jiangsu Jincheng Air conditioning Engineering Co., Ltd. has gone through 10 years of development, Jincheng air conditioning since its establishment, the spirit of "(Jin) good at quality, (Cheng) sincerity in the heart, (company) work in detail, (division) work in secret" purpose, to provide customers with quality air conditioning products and services, Sales footprint in many countries and regions around the world.

Years flowing, know the gratitude, ten years of wind and rain journey, the development and growth of Jincheng air conditioning, can not be separated from everyone's common efforts and efforts, here, I would like to sincerely thank you for the trust of new and old customers, thank Jincheng employees for their dedication, thank partners for their support!


No pain, no gain. Commend advanced, promote progress. In 2023, with the joint efforts of adults in Jin, we bucked the trend and achieved remarkable results. All this condensed Jin adult's unremitting struggle. At the celebration, special recognition was given to outstanding individuals who have made outstanding contributions in 2023.





A lucky draw was set up at the celebration to enhance communication and exchange between employees. Between the toast, the audience laughed constantly, creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere.


At the ceremony, everyone raised their glasses and drank together to renew their friendship. The bright lights reflect the exciting future. Delicious food together, sweet wine cup after cup, in a round of laughter, we ushered in the 10th anniversary of Jin Cheng celebration came to an end.

Ten years of Starlight, endless journey, this celebration is a tribute to the glory of the past ten years, but also for the future development of the vision and planning. In 2024, Jincheng Air conditioning will continue to work tirelessly, with more enthusiasm, more firm pace, and higher goals, to stimulate new vitality, meet new challenges, and jointly innovate the future!

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