[Air conditioning can not use refrigerant?]
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Mainstream air conditioners and heat pumps mainly use refrigerant gas to cool or heat homes and buildings, but this refrigerant poses a potential hazard to the environment.

European scientists have developed a new solution that could eliminate the use of refrigerants and compressors in air conditioning systems and instead use electric fields to combat environmental pollution.

The study, published in the journal Science and developed by a team of scientists at the Belvoir Institute of Science and Technology in Luxembourg, Outlines the ability of ceramic-based "electrocaloric" to cool or heat without the use of dangerous or potentially polluting gases.

This material has a strong electrothermal effect, when exposed to an electric field, the electrically unbalanced atoms in the material are forced to line up in a single direction like a comb, and by lowering the entropy level, the arranged atoms begin to vibrate faster, achieving a warming effect.

The opposite effect can be achieved when the electric field is turned off, the material becomes cooler than the ambient temperature and takes heat away from the fluid, and scientists have successfully turned on the hot and cold cycle in a laboratory environment.

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