[The difference between industrial air conditioning and central air conditioning]
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What is the difference between industrial air conditioning and central air conditioning?

Industrial air conditioners generally have specific requirements, such as temperature and humidity, cleanliness, poor operating environment and other special requirements. Industrial air conditioners are used in factories, freezers, elevators, laboratories, operating rooms, cosmetic factories, food processing plants, Marine air conditioners and so on. The advantage of industrial air conditioning is that it can adapt to various harsh environments and places with special requirements for refrigeration or heating, humidification or dehumidification.

Industrial air conditioners generally have only ordinary temperature requirements. Central air conditioning use places are factories, industry, business, office, family, hotels, hotels, bars and many other common places. Central air conditioning relative to industrial air conditioning use cost is low, the input cost is also relatively low.

Industrial plants if there are special requirements (such as: constant temperature and humidity, cleanliness, high temperature, low temperature, etc.), generally use industrial air conditioning. Other general can also be installed ordinary industrial central air conditioning or factory central air conditioning.

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