[Jincheng control industry air conditioning performance secrets]
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Jincheng industrial air conditioning has nine performance characteristics.

1. Industrial air conditioning outlet can be made according to customer requirements, suitable for a variety of mechanical equipment supporting models; When using, attention should be paid to shorten the long pipe of the air supply pipe as far as possible to avoid excessive cold loss and waste.

2, the industrial air conditioning system is optimized and designed, and the equipment has high energy efficiency ratio;

3, long range design compared with similar products with low energy consumption, long distance air supply characteristics;

4, a variety of defrosting methods to choose from, defrosting time is short, good effect; Provide micro-pressure difference controller optional parts, intelligent control of defrosting frequency, so that "there is frost, no frost does not melt", compared with the current commonly used regular frequency defrosting, can reduce the temperature rise caused by defrosting and save defrosting energy consumption;

5, industrial air conditioners provide different shell material choices: steel spray, stainless steel, rust-proof aluminum alloy; Anti-oxidation gas welding process, high cleanliness in the system;

6, the coil is arranged in a novel way to reduce wind side resistance, small contact thermal resistance, high heat transfer efficiency;

7, the use of special fan motor, moisture, low temperature resistance, large air volume, low noise, stable and reliable operation;

8, the power consumption of industrial air conditioners is generally large, generally with 3N~38OV50Hz power supply. Industrial air conditioners are generally designed to operate 24 hours a day and all year round, with a service life of more than 10 years. Therefore, the main components of industrial air conditioning, such as compressors, condensers, throttling devices, evaporators, fans, motors, electrical components, etc., are all made of products with high performance and reliability.

9, in terms of manufacturing process, industrial air conditioners generally use all-steel sheet metal structure plus panel electrostatic spraying paint treatment. It has high anti-corrosion durability. Industrial air conditioners must be tested before leaving the factory, and after successful commissioning, ensure that the design requirements are met.

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