[What are the advantages of industrial air conditioning, tell you at three]
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What are the advantages of industrial air conditioning? Three points to tell you.

1. Good constant temperature effect

The fluid needs to be in a stable temperature and humidity range to maintain the original properties, the temperature increase will make the liquid volatilization in the fluid increase the fluid viscosity becomes higher, the pigment in the air for a long time will dry and crack and change color, but stored in the refrigerator can maintain its own state, industrial air conditioning makes the room to maintain constant temperature and humidity can reduce the shape of the object change.

Second, the coverage area is large

In order to cover the entire plant, industrial air conditioners are generally placed in the middle of the plant, so that cold air can be distributed to various Spaces at an even speed. The coverage area of the air conditioner is rated, and the corresponding power should be purchased according to the area of the plant, and the distance between the air conditioner and the wall should be measured during installation to prevent the uneven distribution of the air conditioner caused by the improper abuse of the air conditioner.

Three, the running speed is fast

In order to ensure the quality of the products, the temperature of the workshop needs to be maintained in a stable temperature range, but if the food processed in the workshop needs to be stored in different temperatures, there is a difference. It is necessary to set the appropriate temperature for different foods, after adjusting the temperature, the industrial air conditioner needs to adjust the indoor temperature to the set temperature in a short time, and the industrial air conditioner can ensure the running speed of the air conditioner, and the air conditioner can cover the entire operation workshop in time.

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